FAQs Page

Coffee4clubs is a fantastic programme open to all sports clubs, Football, Gaelic, Rugby, Golf, Hockey and more, to raise funds by selling club-branded bags of coffee to their members alongside other fund-raising activities.

Through the Coffee4clubs website, it is quick and easy to register, upload your club crest and history and order branded bags of high-quality, speciality coffee, ethically sourced and roasted to perfection here in Northern Ireland.

So the next time you are organising a cake bake sale, or a family fun run, think about the extra funds you could raise from selling bags of coffee that have been personalised with your logo and history on the bag. After all, the only thing better than a home-baked cake, is a fresh cup of coffee to wash it down!

To further support the club’s fundraising activities, Coffee4clubs will also supply promotional material such as coreflute signs to display around their grounds and leaflets, posters and electronic media for screens inside their clubs.

In addition, there will be electronic media for screens and also an email with links that will be forwarded to club members

Clubs will receive a 25% rebate of all revenue generated. (This does not include postage charges). The funds will be paid automatically to the club on a quarterly basis.

Contact Coffee4clubs today at enquiries@clubs4coffee.ie

No, your nominated club will be paid 25% of the club branded coffee on a quarterly basis.